The Hubs Films, a husband-and-wife team film team based in Orange County, CA.


We’re Jeremy and Meagan, a husband-and-wife film team based in Orange County, CA.


While we let our films speak for themselves, and we have the credentials (5 years and counting in the wedding industry), what sets us apart is our connection. You book The Hubs, you get us. We build our relationship with you from the first phone call, and by the end of the experience, we’ll be partying with you on the dance floor (seriously though, we love to dance). We document the day by stepping back and letting the good times roll (quite literally). No tripods in your face, no special moment do-overs—we thrive on the authenticity of the day and letting what happens happen (and we make it look damn good). In our opinion, honest filmmaking should convey distinct, one-of-a-kind experiences, which is why we pour our hearts into making something totally new and beautiful every time.


On our days off

You can find us cooking a gourmet breakfast, hanging on the beach with our little one, and spinning some Paul Simon…always playing that Paul Simon.




Cocktail of choice:

Old Fashioned, Please

guilty pleasure:

Black Coffee

tv show you can always rewatch:

The Office

Favorite Part of Weddings:

The dance party!




Cocktail of choice:

Moscow Mule

guilty pleasure:

Billy Joel

tv show you can always rewatch:

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Favorite Part of weddings:

Getting ready with the ladies