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The Hubs.

We are Jeremy and Meagan, a husband and wife film team based in Southern California. We created this company as a couple, with complimentary, yet separate talents and passions and we're grateful for the opportunity to work together. Jeremy is a go-getter, guaranteed to capture the biggest moments with style, whereas Meagan focuses on the details, making sure no small napkin monogram goes unnoticed. Together, we make a perfect pair. We work hard to make sure our clients know we understand them and that their final video is a reflection of their unique relationship. We're excited for you and let us know how we can help you in this exciting season!



What We've Been Up To.

From the pictures, the decorations we kept, and flowers I pressed, the videos Jeremy & Meagan created are by far the best keepsake from our wedding day.
— Sevren + Mary
Meagan and Jeremy were a pleasure to have around. We are immensely grateful to them for making something so beautiful, and truly capturing the spirit of the day.
— Mikel + Morgan