pop the champagne,
you're engaged!


our approach


With all of the planning you put into your big day, actually taking it in and experiencing it for yourselves can be hard. That's where we come in - we'll capture all those details you spent so much time on, but more than that, we will capture you. Our approach is to articulate the feel and sound of your wedding as it happens, much more like a documentary. If you've stalked our work a bit (which we hope you have), you've probably noticed that no two of our videos are the same. The reason for this is because no two of our couples are the same. Your wedding video won't join a long list of identical pieces that all look and sound alike; you'll be unique, on your own pedestal, telling a story only you could tell. We spend a lot of time trying to get to know you as a couple, so that we can create a video that feels like something you might have created with your own hands.



the basic

+ Two Cinematographers, 8 Hours of Coverage

+ (4-6 Minute) Short Film

+ Full Edited Footage of the Toasts

+ All Travel Fees Included

the half & Half

+ Two Cinematographers, 9 Hours of Coverage

+ (6-8 Minute) Short Film

+ Full Edited Footage of the Toasts

+ All Travel Fees Included

the cream

+ Two Cinematographers, 10 Hours of Coverage

+ (10-12 Minute) Short Film

+ Full Edited Footage of the Toasts

+ All Travel Fees Included



Additional Hour / $250

We do our best to structure our time so that we don't miss out on any big moments during your day. If you think that the hours in your package might not be enough, we're more than happy to add some extra time to our shooting schedule (up to 10 hours total).


the ceremony / $400

Your wedding day, especially your ceremony, will fly by in the blink of an eye. We offer a full edited version of your ceremony so that you can relive it again and catch everything you missed! We use 3 cameras to capture every moment from multiple angles, as well as professional audio recording so you can hear every word. Your delivered product will be a single video file, edited together from every angle.


teaser film / $700

A Highlight Film (2-3 minutes) can be a great "teaser" to your Short Film. We'll take the best moments from the day and edit them together to a snappy beat, for a fun recap of the day. And for all your friends a family dying to see your Short Film, we'll turn the Highlight Film around 2-4 weeks after your event. Give 'em something to talk about!



Rehearsal dinners can be a unique moment between two families about to become one. The moments shared and the toasts given are something that you won't want to forget. We'll come and capture your rehearsal, as well as your dinner, afterparty, or whatever it may be (up to 4 hours)! You'll get the footage of any and all toasts given, and the best stuff we shoot will work its way into your Short Film.







Lets face it, music can make or break a wedding video. Because we host all of our videos publicly online, we're limited to music that we can obtain the rights to. Luckily, we have a lot of great tunes at our disposal for that very purpose! As we get to know you guys, through meetings and questionnaires, we'll hone in on your musical style and make sure your video feels like you.


what's your shooting style?

Our films are as unique as our couples, and no two are exactly alike. One thing they do have in common, though, is a documentary filmmaking approach - we capture every moment and detail as they happen in real time. We always say, if we didn't get it the first time, we aren't doing our job!



To reserve your date, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit plus a signed contract. We’ll also set up a time to meet, as well as send over our couple’s questionnaire, so we can get to know each other better!


Because of how much that goes into sorting and refining what we shoot, we don’t offer our unedited raw footage to any of our clients. You do, however, get an edited version of your toasts with all of our packages!


What equipment do you use?

We shoot on Sony DSLRs that are capable of recording in 4K with a very cinematic look. Since the day always moves by quickly, we don't lug around lots of gear - we keep it to the bare essentials so we can move fast and keep our setups minimal. We capture our audio with professional shotgun microphones and digital recorders, and we'll have a light handy so we don't miss any post-sunset moments.



We are currently delivering our final packages 8-12 weeks after each event. We’re a little unique too; we only take on 24 weddings per year. We book less weddings so you can get better service. It’s simple - you’re getting married and you deserve our undivided attention.